Beautiful Journey at Amal Academy:

Every beautiful journey has to end and it’s always hard to say goodbye. So here is one of the most beautiful journeys of my life at Amal academy going to end. But this three month journey has taught me alot. In Fact change the way…

Make time productive

My blog today is about something that almost everyone has to deal with which is procrastination.Unfortunately ,this is especially true of today’s young generation.

Procrastination is the avoidance or delaying of a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline.As …

Turning my idea into a business entrepreneurship project

Asalam O Alaikum ,

In this blog I talk about the issue that is being raised day by day ,especially in the younger generation that is depression . Due to lack of awareness and enough education people do not take it seriously…

Getting close to the social problem — Depression ,a mental illness

Asalam O Alaikum everyone,

Problem Statement:

My blog is about one of the big problems that Pakistan’s people, especially the young generation, is currently suffering from is depression and stress. Apparently it is now considered as a disease or…



Assalam o alaikum,

My this blog is about gratitude to all those who has provided me help from childhood till now.This is special for me too because i never got a chance before to write letter or showing my appreciation and love for those who always there for…



Asalam o Alaikum everyone,

My blog is about smart goals that give us direction to what we want to achieve.As everyone has some goals and dreams but whether they are successful depends on how they implement them.So …

Maria zia

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